ALL Levels Kickboxing (Ages 14+)

Sudbury Kickboxing Academy’s Adult All Levels Kickboxing program is for ages 14+.  In this program students learn the fundamentals of Muaythai, Kickboxing, Boxing and some Traditional Karate. This is not a cardio conditioning class. This is a high intensity program that focuses on pad work and technique. Each student works towards being the best version of themselves while achieving physical fitness, flexibility, and over increased self-confidence. No experience is required.

Our instructors cross train in several combative arts and have all have competitive level experience.

Our All Levels class includes:

-           3 classes a week plus Brave access (by registration)

-           Skipping

-           Shadow boxing

-           Line drills (air training)

-           Technical partner/pad drills

-           Shadow Sparring (no sparring)

-           Leg kicks on pads

-           Fitness & Flexibility

Team Onna Bugeisha Women’s Empowerment Program (Ages 14+)

This ladies team has heart!  Team Onna Bugeisha is one of Sudbury Kickboxing Academy’s strongest programs. The term Onna Bugeisha translates to (Female Warrior/Samurai) and our team is true to that translation. In this recreational ladies program you will punch, kick and kiai (battle shout) your frustrations away.

Team Onna Bugeisha is modelled around “team work”. At Sudbury Kickboxing Academy we believe that all members play an important role in our success. All levels of fitness are welcome in this fitness kickboxing program. This program has minimal contact and does not include sparring.

Unleash YOUR Inner Samurai!!!

Our Ladies class includes:

-           3 classes a week plus unlimited Brave access (by registration)

-           Skipping

-           Line drills (air drilling)

-           Partner pad work

-           Bag work

-           Fitness and flexibility

-           Stretching


Kids Kickboxing/Martial Arts

Sudbury Kickboxing Academy offers kids kickboxing/martial arts classes for children ages 8-12. Our program is unique and like no other. The primary focus is Muaythai and Kickboxing but also, as many of our instructors are skilled in Karate, we follow a traditional Karate structure. Our classes are structured similar to a Karate class… without the kata.

We offer a fun, safe, and positive learning environment where you child can develop self-esteem, confidence, discipline, and respect. In our classes your child will learn valuable self-deference skills all while improving their overall fitness. It has been our experience that training in Martial Arts benefits children as they develop valuable life skills such as the ability to work as a team, leadership skills, and increased confidence and motivation.

Our kid’s classes include:

-           2 classes a week (last 15 min is sparring)

-           Fitness

-           Line drills (air training)

-           Pad work

-           Athletic games

-           3 stripes/sparring

BRAVE FIT (…this ain’t no bird class)/Ages 14+ (FREE for all SKA full-time/3 day a week members)

This is not a technique class. It is a high intensity cardio conditioning class that is like no other! It is a bust your ass and get it done class. It is a push until I cannot push any more class. Expect to sweat, expect to jump and embrace being uncomfortable (uncomfortable is a place where people grow). You will need to be stubborn. You will need to draw on your own inner athlete! Nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself. Outdoor footwear may be required. Pre-select a partner if you can.

Our Brave class includes:

-           Membership options:

-           2 Brave classes for per week

-           $15 non-member Drop-in

-           HIIT Drilling

-           Kickboxing pad work

-           Heavy Bag work

-           Plyometric Drills

-           Strength/Body Weight Drills


Join Us...

Kickboxing is intimidating, but our dojo is not. Join us for a class and try it for yourself. On our mats are a friendly group of strong, energetic, motivating, and welcoming group of individuals. This is not a gym, it's a family.