Dawn Culgin’s martial arts journey started as a teenager when she joined a karate school… 30 years of experience later in karate, kickboxing, muay thai, and boxing she has created Sudbury Kickboxing Academy – a dojo focused on kickboxing and muay thai with foundations of karate etiquette and respect.

After years of training, in 2012 Dawn became a competitive kickboxer competing internationally, nationally, and provincially. She was a multi-time K1 Champ, low kick champ, North American Grand Prix champion, and a WAKO (World Association of Kickboxing Organizations) bronze medalist. Dawn represented Team Canada on four occasions at World’s in Brazil (2012), Serbia (2013), Ireland (2015), and Hungary (2017). Dawn medaled in Serbia where she brought home a bronze medal for Canada.

Dawn is a second-degree black belt in Okinawan Goju, RyuSyoKai. In her martial arts training, she has trained with Joseph Valtelini (Bazooka Joe), Jean Charles Skarbowsky (3-time European Muay Thai champion), among others.


Five years ago, Dawn started her own kickboxing school with a women’s only program, Onna Bugeisha, before opening Sudbury Kickboxing Academy in January, 2018. She is a WAKO/CASK Level 1 coach and a Boxing Ontario Level 1 apprentice.

Dawn’s fitness journey goes beyond martial arts – since 2008 she earned numerous fitness qualifications including becoming a CAN/fit pro FIS (fitness instructor specialist), as well as LesMills body pump, body combat, and body shred instructor.

Dawn works with everyone from newcomers entering the fitness world for their first time to competitors, training them to national championships. A coach, an instructor, and a mentor - Dawn has built Sudbury Kickboxing Academy to what it is today. And if you ask her she'll tell you, she's just getting started.